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Category: Foosball

5 Games that You can Play in the Office

Work pressure has significantly increased during the last decade. Slogging through the daily 9-5 schedule can become really stressful if employees cannot get some time off their desk. But chatting with each other will only make things worse as it is more likely that you will talk about the ongoing projects. Instead of that, you can engage yourself and your office colleagues in some exciting games. This will not only help them to get refreshed but also will also reduce the monotony of work, which in turn, can result in better output. Here are 5 best games that you can play even if you are at the office.

  1. Skill Ball

It’s a tabletop game. As the name suggests it requires a bit of skill to play the game. It’s a pretty basic and simple game. There is a spring hammer, using which you can hit a ball and your job is to hit the ball powerful enough to get the maximum points. To get maximum points your goal is to put them in the holes marked with points. You can have individual competition or you can have a team competition as well.

  1. Tower Hanoi

Almost everyone knows this game and might have played it sometime. But the fun does not seem to end in this game. In this game, you have 3 poles. One of them comes with 7 rings on it. The rings are kept according to the size from small to large. Your job is to put all of the rings in either of the 2 poles in the same order. This might seem like a single player game but you can always have a challenge amongst your colleagues on the number of moves one takes to complete the task.

  1. Foosball

It’s a game of skill and fast reaction and it can literally be a lot of fun. This is one of the most entertaining games that you can play while being in the office. This is basically football played on the table. You have handles sticking out of the side of the board and the sticks have players inside. You can push or pull them according to the position of the ball and rotate the handle to hit them accordingly. Find your combination of shots with your partner to score a goal and while your opponents will try to save them and score a goal themselves. It is quite a competitive game and you sure can have a long tournament amongst your colleagues if you have a large enough team working together. As this game is available in different size and price range, it is really wise to go through foosball table comparison and reviews and then buy.

  1. Pool

It’s a game that every one of us is familiar with. Obviously, there are a lot of variations in this game. You can play 8 ball or 9 ball pool and have team or individual competitions amongst each other. All you need to do is find enough space for the pool table or find a tabletop pool table and start the fun.

  1. Beer pong

This is an interesting game, where you have glasses of beer kept on the either side of the table. Two teams will stay on the either side and throw ball targeting glasses on the other side. Whoever is successful in doing so, the other team will have to drink that beer. Team having to drink all their beers will lose. However, you might not want play this game with beer in the glass, unless you all wish to get fired. You can use cold drinks or lemonade instead. The fun does not end!

So, now that you know there are awesome ways to refresh yourself in the office, what’s your game today? Have a chat with your colleagues and start with one of these today and have fun!…