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Making Espresso Coffee With Mehndi Hands

Everyone loves to have coffee. An Espresso coffee is preferred and they know that drinking coffee will give you that little caffeine boost to keep you working or staying in the night to study. I have always preferred one during my exams and also now if I feel lazy, sleepy or bored at work. Just a shot of espresso is enough for a boost. Espresso coffee has health benefits like, it enhances long-term memory, it increases attention, it can help you lose weight, it reduces the risk of a stroke, and it lowers the risk of diabetes. I have a list of its benefits. Trust me it has helped me shed few pounds of my weight. It is indeed the best coffee I have ever had.

Making Espresso Coffee With Mehndi Hands

One fine morning when I woke up, I had to rush to office as I was late and also had wedding functions nearing my place. All my relatives and family members were going to come and stay at my place for a couple of days till the wedding gets over. The day had arrived and we had a Mehndi function in the evening. I had selected few of good Mehndi Design Images from the internet for myself as I am really fond of applying one in my hands. Now I really have a bad of having a coffee every evening and a day without an espresso gives me a sick feeling and headache. I was in a dilemma as I couldn’t make one for me as my hands were of mehndi.

I was looking for someone who could prepare one for me but all were busy in either looking for Mehndi Design Images or applying in their hands. Finally, I decided that I would make it myself with mehndi hands. The mehndi had gone little dry until then and it was not so difficult to make one with mehndi in my hands. I filled my Espresso machine reservoir till the water line, carefully so that my mehndi design does not get spoiled or smudged. Turned the machine on to heat up giving a plenty of time and with this, even my mehndi got dried and started getting off my hands. I had then ground my coffee beans and added that in the heated water, waited for few minutes to get it heated and while stirring a bit even my mehndi design had got some heat which is needed after you remove it to get a darker color. It is one of the ways to get a darker color of your mehndi design to even look better and all the design made would look so beautiful. The caffeine content gives a strong heat to the hands which helped my design look more clear, brighter and darker.

It wasn’t that difficult to make an espresso with Mehndi Design as I thought. Later with sipping a coffee made by myself, I started looking for more Mehndi Design Images for other members who wanted to get the best design done on their hands.

Making Espresso Coffee With Mehndi Hands

Should I Feed Espresso Coffee to My Golden Retriever Dog?

We, human beings, have the capacity and digestive system intact to have variety of foods. We have been increasing our creativity in preparing new dishes and new combinations of food and new supplements to enhance the pleasure of eating. We think that if these food items are digestible by us, then even our dog can eat and drink the same. But it is not the same with my Golden Retriever. Not all foods are good for dogs and not suitable or advisable to feed them anything and everything, since they will cause him harm.

Should I Feed Espresso Coffee to My Golden Retriever Dog?


I love coffee and I often think of giving my golden cute a sip and more sometimes, then I wonder if I can really give him to drink. And unfortunately the answer was a big NO. Caffeine affects the nervous system and heart in dogs. They have much lower tolerance for caffeine unlike human beings. You can see symptoms of poison or caffeine appearing once you start giving them coffee. Some common signs of caffeine effecting in dogs include –

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • An elevated heart rate
  • Tremors

Majority of dogs love food and my dog is no exception. He is always attracted to new dishes I make and what we eat but to be cautious is very important. He runs towards the smell of the coffee which is actually not good for him. Out veterinarian has given us a list of most common foods we often eat and what substance they contain that can be harmful to the dog, you can be more knowledgeable, able to recognize it and act on it on the behalf of your dog’s well being.

This list includes milk and coffee too.


Coffee and other caffeine based products most often contain substances called methylxanthines. These can be found in the extract from some nuts used to make coffee and cacao seeds. Depending on the quantity ingested and weight of your dog, methylxanthines more commonly cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, increased body temperature, excessive thirst and urination, although less common it also causes abnormal heart and breathing rate, tremors, seizures and in some cases death. Chocolate intoxication is more recurrent during holidays and as a general rule of thumb the darker the chocolate the more methylxanthines are present, while white chocolate contains the least amount.


Should I Feed Espresso Coffee to My Golden Retriever Dog?

Generally, dogs can drink milk, however they shouldn’t drink milk as it can upset their stomach and cause diarrhea. Also milk has a high fat content that can pose weight problems, and lactose intolerant dogs should not be fed milk, and these should never drink milk at all. Dogs should have a balanced diet and drink water not milk.

Please, be aware of such symptoms and refrain from giving your dog any coffee, no matter how much you love him and want to share the same with him. It’s not recommended and not good for him even a small dose can affect his health. You shouldn’t ever entice him with it, though.

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Should I Feed Espresso Coffee to My Golden Retriever Dog?

Having My Coffee and Changing My Whatsapp DP

You gotta concede WhatsApp is no all the more thing now yet that doesn’t change our fixation we have for it, isn’t that right? Don’t we change our Whatsapp DP profile picture like ordinary? It is turned into a propensity now an automatically we change our Dp relatively regular . Regardless of how bustling we will be we always remember to change our WhatsApp DP profile picture. Well it isn’t that we need to set aside out opportunity to change our profile picture once in a while you can transform it while having your lunch or while walking around the road, while coming back from work or while sipping your own coffee. Changing our WhatsApp DP profile picture has turned into an especially part of our life . There presumably not a solitary day when we our day abandons registering with a WhatsApp. What gives us more bliss is when individuals begin applauding your WhatsApp DP profile picture each now and well that is essentially why we change our photo isn’t that right? Who wouldn’t like to get complimented for their photo!

So one fine day I was in a café tasting my coffee. It is one of those uncommon days when I get an off and I get the opportunity to have my personal time where I can mull over about things throughout everyday life. There were a gathering of understudies likely who came there to have coffee. When the espresso was served they began tapping the photos with coffee and began uploading them on social destinations which is the most prominent thing in the present time whatever we eat or drink we upload it on social locales. So it so happened that I began doing likewise I held the coffee cup in one hand and in the other hand I

took my phone and clicked my photo. Well didn’t end up being great one since this is the first occasion when I was accomplishing something like this. Be that as it may, after couple of endeavors I figure out how to clickers better than average photo of mine with tasting espresso. It was then when thought of transferring as WhatsApp DP profile picture came into my psyche.

Presently I discovered this photo sufficiently intriguing to put it as my WhatsApp DP profile picture so when I clicked it I changed it as soon as possible. I changed my WhatsApp DP having my coffee which additionally gave me a fascinating caption to post it on other social medias. While I did it a solid thing hit my head that how we crave for consideration in our social lives.

From that point forward it turned into a regular habit to click a photo while tasting my coffee and afterward changing my WhatsApp DP profile picture routinely much like the present young people. Additionally while doing this I examine about things how materialistic this world has progressed toward becoming and that laments me.

Never thought having coffee while changing my WhatsApp DP would change my entire point of view towards life. Next Time While Having Coffee, I will update Love Shayari in Hindi as My Whatsapp Status.…

How to Make Coffee with Keurig Coffee MachineRegardless from which way you look at it, Keurig machines are the most user-friendly coffee machine out there. They are well known for being convenient because they do not require grinding or measuring grounds, matching the perfect coffee to water ration, and other processes. Internally, they work a lot like drip coffee machines: they heat the water up, let it sit in the grounds mixture, and then have the filter separate the liquid which then goes directly into your mug.

To use a Keurig machine you only need to fill the water compartment, and place your K-cup in the appropriate slot and press a button. K-cups are convenient because, apart from being available in hundreds of different flavors including non-caffeinated drinks like hot chocos and teas, the grounds and filters are already sealed together. Because everything is contained in the pre-made cup, there isn’t a lot of deep cleaning to be done either: you just have to wipe the exterior clean occasionally. The inside parts can be wiped clean once every week or two, particularly the cup loading slot and the beaked part which pours the beverage in your mug. Some newer machines even have an automatic cleaning function which flushes the whole system with hot water to rinse the dirt away.

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If you feel the need to refrain from using the K-cups, maybe for their higher price or because you can’t find the right flavor, you can always purchase a separate filter which enables you to use your own grounds of choice. To do this, simply place the filter in the slot and then pour your coffee on top of it, like you would with any drip coffee machine; close the lid, press the button, and enjoy you coffee. This requires a bit more cleaning, especially if you put too much grounds and it overflows) and disposing of the filter (if the paper ones are used) though.…

How to Make Coffee with An Automatic Espresso MachinesIf a fully automatic machine is more to your liking, especially to prevent the messy spilling of coffee grounds on the counter and measuring the perfect amount to use every single time, there are a few things you have to know beforehand. First of all, know that the process behind the coffee making remains the same, it’s all just automated and requires no human help (apart from filling it with water and coffee). Secondly, while making coffee the machine takes care of everything, you will have to be in charge of cleaning each component up as a dirty machine will produce a rancid tasting brew and a foul odor even when not in use; not to mention that a dirty machine will last you less.

Having said that, preparing the machine is simple, regardless of the model you may have. Most likely you will have one of those machines which only need roasted coffee beans: these only require you to pour the beans in the container, and make sure that water is still present in the compartment. You press the button, after fiddling with the control panel to adjust your espresso’s strength (and other options on some machines), and voila’. Your little mug will be filled in minutes – the machine taking care of grinding the beans, measuring the right amount of both water and fresh grounds, heating the water to the perfect temperature, and pouring it in your cup when it’s done brewing.

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As for the cleaning, the task can be tedious, but fortunately it isn’t an everyday occurrence. Daily maintenance includes wiping the exterior with a moist cloth or perhaps using a spray cleaner where harder stains are present. The interior parts are what get really dirty after use, and need to be cleaned every week or after about 25 shots. This because freshly ground beans contain the most amount of the oils and essences that make up the coffee’s aroma and flavor, and when these oils are fresh they tend to stick on to all kinds of surfaces: especially the inner metal parts of your machine. Modern machines now have easy-to-remove compartments for easy cleaning, which facilitates the removal of the various parts (and the once-harder process of putting everything back together afterwards). First and foremost, turn off your machine and unplug it, to cool it down and avoid injuries. After removing each part, I recommend soaking them in warm water and vinegar for an hour or so before washing and scrubbing them with a backflush detergent (like Cafiza or PuroCaf). Then rinse everything thoroughly (you don’t want soap ruining the taste of the coffee) and then wipe each part dry with a towel so most hard-water impurities are reduced; carefully then place everything in its right place.…

How to Make Coffee with a Coffee PressThe coffee press has different names all over the world, but it most commonly referred to simply as the French press – because of its origins, presumably.  It is a very simple and effective way to make coffee, and doesn’t even require electricity or a fire per se’, as it’s used as a special mug to mix coffee and boiling water, and to later filter out the grounds.

Using one of these manual machines is quite simple but requires some preparation beforehand. Most importantly is the coffee to be used: the French press requires a rougher blend than other machines. This is because its integrated filter has bigger holes, meaning that a fine blend of grounds will pass though the filter and make the coffee undrinkable. There are several French-press-specific grounds which can be purchased and those are advised; for a better flavor though, I encourage you to grind your own beans right before brewing. Another thing to prepare before you can brew your coffee is the water; water needs to be boiled separately in either a boiler or kettle. I’ll underline that the water needs to be boiling.

To start brewing, you will first pour the coffee grounds in the beaker, with the filter removed. Then pour the boiling water in (the best way to do this is to pour a little water at first, just enough to cover the grounds and waiting a few seconds until it foams up and then pouring the rest of it). Ideally, an ounce of coffee should accompany 3 cups of water – but it all depends whether you want a stronger or weaker mix. You then stir everything with a spoon for several seconds, and then place the filter into place. The next step is to wait 3-4 minutes and then pumping the filter down (with the top handle) a few times to squash the beans and extract the most out of them. Final step is to have the filter pushed down and while pouring the coffee in you mug.

There are only 2 negative outcomes and they both have simple solutions. One case is when you feel your coffee to have too many grains of coffee: it means your grounds were too fine and need bigger ones next time. Number two happens if you leave the coffee in the coffee press for too long (over 10-15 minutes): the coffee beans get burned, making your coffee taste too bitter (though some may actually prefer it this way).…

Talking about signature coffee drinks, perhaps the most common of them all is the espresso. The Italians have made an art out of making them; and learning how to make the perfect espresso takes practice but it is totally doable.

The traditional way of making espresso is by using the moka pot: that little teapot-looking boiler made of a metal. It works quite differently from a drip coffee machine because the hot water, instead of going downwards, is made to go upwards. The bottom part, filled with a little bit of water (ideally in level just below the little steam hole) is covered by a re-usable funnel shaped metal filter which is then filled with your preferred coffee grounds. Getting the perfect amount is where the trick is at: you want the filter to be completely full and partially pressed to brew an awesome cup of coffee; but pressing too much coffee grounds in it can result in water not being able to pass and burning the whole batch. Coffee ground size also plays a vital role in this: a fine mixture will require less pressing, while its rougher grainy counterpart will come out better if pressed more. It takes a lot of practice to get it right. I’ve had my own troubles too when I tried it out the first several rounds. Anyway, once the coffee grounds are placed, you can twist the top on and place it on your burner or cooker. Because moka pots are relatively small (most make 2-4 little cups) it doesn’t take long to brew; but keep in mind that the slower the fire, the better the taste, the stronger the aroma, and the more dense the crema (the thin layer of coffee which looks foamy).

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While a couple of decades ago, manual espresso machines were only used in bars (how traditional Italian coffee houses were, and still are, called) because of their bulky size, there are now smaller versions which are widely available for home use. The basic principle is still the same: as the water boils it creates pressure which pushes the water upwards and into the coffee filter, giving it lots of time and heat to concentrate the whole load of coffee grounds into a little shot of espresso. The benefits of using these machines is that the water doesn’t have to be loaded each time, as there is a larger compartment available for it: all you have to do is occasionally take it out, clean it (Italians say that they never use soap as it can affect the taste of the coffee and only rinse it thoroughly with warm water – but whether you want to use soap is your call), and load it up with water again. When you want to brew, you twist the arm to set it loose and place your coffee grounds – directly from the package or, for an even better coffee, after grinding the beans yourself. Here, it’s your decision once again on how much you press it, just like with the traditional moka pot. Most machines nowadays have various options, such as a single shot or double shot (which can be drank by 1 person in 1 cup, or two people in two cups if the machine allows it) – press the desired option, and enjoy your espresso. Maintenance with these machines is pretty minimal: apart from the controversial water tank, the twisty arm’s filter can be easily removed and washed after every several uses, and the drip tray needs only to be wiped whenever a little drop ends up coming down too late. Dont forget to check out our page about the best milk frother available, to truly enjoy your espresso experience, especially if you’re looking for a great cappuccino or latte.…