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Beard King – Beard Bib Review – No More Hairs Everywhere

Beard Bib ReviewToday we would like to present you one awesome product that we wouldn’t aware it exists until we read about it on one web forum. It is a Beard King Beard Bib – great piece of equipment for every beardman.

This great thing was invented by entrepreneur Nicholas Galekovic, who says: ‘Getting yelled at as a teenager by my mother, and now as an adult by my wife,’ Galekovic says, ‘I figured there had to be something out there that could make things easier than putting down a towel or t-shirt — but there wasn’t!’ After considerable trial-and-error involving a sketchbook and experimenting with various materials, he came up with the genesis for his unique and increasingly popular grooming product. ‘This flagship product is very functional,’ he says. ‘It helps the brand differentiate itself by carving out a niche in the market that solves a common household problem.

5 advantages of this product:

  1. Easy To Use: Everyone can use this because you need to do only two things: Attach the Velcro neck straps and place two vacuum holders onto mirror, and your Beard King Beard Bib is ready.
  2. Time Saving: You don’t need to clean your bathroom for hours after your beard hair flies up everywhere. Just detach the mirror vacuum holders and dispose your beard hair into garbage can.
  3. Compact: Sleek self-packing pouch to easily stowed away or getting this with you on your travel. You can even place other beard accessories into its bag.
  4. Great Gift: It doesn’t matter if it is a Fathers Day, Birthday, Holiday Gift or some other celebration, this will be a great gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or a friend. This also can be used by woman to cut her hair.
  5. High Quality: Hand made and designed in USA with the best materials for the best possible quality. Beware of copies, if it doesn’t have Beard King Logo on it, its a fake!

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This is a great product for any man with a beard. Anytime you need to trim your beard you just attach Beard King Beard Bib around your neck and onto the mirror and you don’t need to worry will your beard hair get on the floor, sink, tootbrush or somewhere else. Even your wife can use it to shorten her hair because the tests with haircuts are showed that more than 80 % of hair will be picked up into Beard King Beard Bib.…