Our Keurig reviews – Is the K-Cup system worth it?

Keurig coffee making machines are becoming a rising trend nowadays, and rightly so because of their convenience. It works just like an all-inclusive espresso making machine, but removing the hassles of measuring the amount of ground and adding extra ingredients to make customized coffee based drinks. You will find a couple Keurig reviews bellow of the top models. These machines use K-cups, which are a plastic shell containing the ground and filter, and are available in tons of flavors: from cappuccino to pumpkin spiced lattes. All you have to do is buy the desired flavor, place it in the machine, and wait until your drink is served.


Now, there are obviously some pros and cons to using these machines. The most liked feature is of course, its ease of use; you just have to buy the K-cups you want and make sure water is still loaded in the machine to have your favorite drink served to you in minutes. These are also easy to clean, as all you have to do is take the used cup away and throw it in the trash, apart from the usual surface wiping when it looks too dusty. Because its main task is to inject the hot water in the auto-filtering cup, you may also use the machine as a regular boiler – to be used if you feel like having tea or a quick noodles snack. The main cons are price-related, as each cup tends to be quite expensive compared to other “do it yourself” methods. Also, to the environmentally friendly, the fact that the K-cups are currently hard to recycle might pose some doubts about them.


Keurig Reviews – Some models to choose from


Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, Black

Cheap keurig coffee makerWhile remaining in a very economical price range, the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System is a solid machine. It has a classy design, and can cater to different sized glasses thanks to its raised top – and because it can be purchased it different colors, it is sure be match any kitchen style.


It is exquisitely easy to use whether you decide to use the ready capsules or place one of the available reusable cups (which you can fill with your preferred grounds), and it takes less than a minute before the coffee is ready – this is because the water in the detachable compartment gets superheated instantly; and if you brew another cup straight after the first one, then it just makes it instantly without any waiting periods. Just make sure you select the right sized cup, as once the coffee starts pouring out, it is boiling hot and will create a mess.



Keurig K75 Single-Cup Home-Brewing System with Water Filter Kit, Platinum

Keurig coffee machine under 300Named by the large Keurig loving community as the best single-cup brewing system for your home, the Keurig K75 Platinum proudly lives up to its name. It features a large water reservoir to prevent the need for frequent refills, a backlit LCD control panel, adjustable temperature control, and 5 different preset cup sizes.


If starting from scratch with a new water refill, it takes approximately 5 minutes for the machine to reach the right temperature, but once that initial process is complete, it takes less than 20 seconds to brew each new cup. Because of the large variety of K-cups available, I guarantee you will never get bored in trying new drinks, from a variety of coffees to teas and cocoa drinks. If you are more into using your own brand of coffee (or maybe even using beans you ground yourself?) the reusable filter cups allow you to do that at your own will.


Keurig® K-Cup® K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers

K-Cup Keurig machine under 400The Keurig K60 / K65 is an excellent mid-range option for whoever wants the commodity of the Platinum version but without spending as much. There are only minor differences in this machine compared to the bigger one, main one being the water tank which is slightly smaller and having only 3 cup sizes as opposed to the 5 present in the other one.


This machine maintains the intuitive LED backlit control panel which is used to access all options, including the thermostat for the temperature control and the digital clock to adjust the auto on/off feature. This auto on/off feature is often overlooked and not used to its potential: sure, its energy saving when it turns itself off after a certain amount of time it remains without being used; but having it turn on before you wake up and heating itself before you even get there guarantees that your morning cup of joe will take seconds to brew.