Keurig K75 Gourmet Review – Dont buy it until you read this

You may have already heard about how convenient Keurig machines are thanks to their single-use K-cups, especially the Keurig K75 model. In case you haven’t or need more information, let me give you a little background information: K-cups are essentially all inclusive ammunition for Keurig machines, they already include a filter and the right amount of coffee to brew a single cup. These cups are sealed and come in a huge variety of different flavors, blends, mixes, and more; so much that there are even chocolate and tea variants of them.

Keurig k75: one of a kind machine


keurig k75 single cupOne of the best machines which uses these K-cups is the Keurig® Platinum K75 Gourmet Single Cup Coffee & Tea Brewing System. This machine has recently been very popular, so you may have tried a cup of it (or from a different model) from friends or relatives; but if not, let me tell you the features that makes this particular machine stand out:

The convenience. Unlike other machines where you have to pour your own grounds or maybe even grind the beans, making sure you get the exact amount and using a lot of measuring cups and spoons to get your favorite blend, with this coffee maker you just have to insert your K-cup. You no longer have to manually froth milk to make a cappuccino or latte: all you have to do is simply insert the flavor you want, and wait.

The huge variety of flavors. Though manually brewing you drinks gives you some personalization options, they are mostly various shades of the same color. K-cups come in a large array of flavors – at the moment there are over 200 of them. Among the many caffeinated drinks, there are also various decaf blends, teas, and hot chocos.

The water reservoir can make up to 10 cups before a refill is needed, and because it features a replaceable charcoal filter, I can be sure that the water is always purified before being used. This means a better quality coffee comes out.

Personalization features. Though the K-cups have a predefined flavor, you still get to choose the strength and length of your drink. The front panel allows you to adjust this by selecting from 5 different cup sizes and lets you select your favorite size. Other programmable option is the auto-on and auto-off feature which makes you select the amount of time before it shuts itself down and plan for when it should start itself to warm up.

Coffee cup k75 keurig

 This particular package comes with some freebies too. It includes 60 free K-cup, and most importantly, a reusable filter. This filter is particularly handy because it allows you to prepare coffee using your own grounds. I have found this to be particularly handy when I received a coffee-these gift box and had lots of exotic grounds – I was glad to find that I didn’t need another separate machine to enjoy my gift.

Its timeless design is always appreciated. It features lots of room for any mug size, and in case I need to fill my (slightly bigger) travel mug, the drip tray is removable and grants some additional space. The water reservoir is visible from the front, and the top panel is easy to access.


As for cons regarding this machine, I just have a couple of points. Main one being that the K-cups can get quite expensive if you drink a lot coffee regularly. And because there are so many flavors to try out, I always want to try whichever new ones I find – and believe me when I say it gets addicting. Fortunately, the included free filter allows me to balance out the expenses by sometimes purchasing my own grounds and using that every once in a while. While the K-cups don’t create a mess though the mesh of the reusable filter is quite a pain to clean up (and it really needs to be cleaned after each use).


Secondly, while they are widely available, the charcoal water filter needs to be replaced every couple of months: meaning that you will have to track how much time has passed since you last changed it; but as long as you mark it on your calendar you should be alright.

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