Tight on Budget? Top Espresso Machines Under $300

One of the things I absolutely hate about espresso machines is the price tag. But as a coffee aficionado, I’m willing to pay a few hundred dollars and get a machine that makes good coffee — not the type of coffee you’d expect from a regular coffee maker. However, I know that most can’t afford […]

Saeco Aroma SS Espresso Machine review – What you really need to know

Designed for espresso lovers who value simplicity and prefer traditional methods of making espresso, the Philips Saeco Aroma SS Espresso Machine is a functional and versatile coffee machine that offers a great overall performance. Equipped with a convenient milk frothing device, a cup-warming surface and a pressurized crema filter, this Saeco Aeroma Espresso machine delivers […]

Keurig K75 Gourmet Review – Dont buy it until you read this

You may have already heard about how convenient Keurig machines are thanks to their single-use K-cups, especially the Keurig K75 model. In case you haven’t or need more information, let me give you a little background information: K-cups are essentially all inclusive ammunition for Keurig machines, they already include a filter and the right amount […]

The best Saeco espresso machines of 2015 – A few reviews

Saeco was originally established over 30 years ago in Italy, and has since been a major player in the coffee making industry. Saeco espresso machines have been in a steady evolution and underwent constant improvements until they were able to purchase one of their competitors, which improved their already great products exponentially. 5 years ago […]

Best bang for the buck latte makers 2015 review

Out of the myriad of coffee based drinks available today, the Latte stands out as one of the most popular and desirable of all times. The latte as we know it today is a slight modification of the traditional Italian caffelatte, which was solely a breakfast drink. The traditional way to prepare one was quite […]