The best milk frothers of 2015 – Our reviews

Having a good coffee machine to make your favorite latte is one thing. On the other hand, having the right tool, to make perfect milk froth is definitely another one. After receiving many inquiries about that, I’ve decided to show you what are the best product to buy in term of milk frother machine, according to your need, budget, etc. Another thing that you want to look at is how easy they are to use and moreover, how easy they are to clean, as we all know that milk, once dry, can be a nightmare sometimes. Right off the bat, the good news is that you’ll find what you need right here. You definitely won’t regret it.


Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

nespressoWhen it comes to milk frother, this one is probably the top of the line milk frother. It has a maximum capacity of 130ml (for milk forth preparation) and a 250 ml when it’s about hot milk preparation. The cool thing about this one is that you have your milk froth in less than 70 damn second. That’s pretty quick if you ask me. All you need to do is to poor the milk in, push a button, and wait for 70 SECONDS! I forgot to say that it is stupid easy to clean, unlike other models and brands. You even have a maximum and a minimum level indicator.

Personally, it’s probably my favorite milk frother and its way better than these cheap 20$ model, where you have to wait for ever, just to get a not so good milk frother. I just love to use this one to make a good latte. Anyways, if you are looking for the top quality, it is the one to buy. Oh and I almost forgot… Did I tell you that this milk frother is the best seller on amazon? Yes it is! You can have it at 75$.




Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer, Cappuccino Maker

Kuissential Deluxe Automatic Milk Frother and Warmer, Cappuccino MakerThe Kuissential milk frother is another good choice, when it comes to milk froth. It’s about the same price than the Nespresso. The cool thing about this model is that it’s a multitasker. Indeed, the Kuissential’s milk froth machine will not only provide you a great hot froth, but it can also make you a cold one, for an epic cold drink during summer. On top of that, it can give you hot milk. This milk frother can certainly take care of low fat milk, soy milk and almond milk! Of course, the result is a bit different than regular milk, but it does the job!

On another hand, make sure that you check the warranty before buying. Some providers do offer a warranty while others dont. Bottomline, if you’re looking for a bang for the buck type of frother, it might just be the real deal, especially if you’re looking for a top milk froth experience.




Cafe Casa Professional Dual Speed Milk Frother, Stainless Steel

cafe casaThe Café Casa Dual speed Milk frother is a logic choice for those that don’t want to spend a lot on their milk frother and still want something decent. This is probably the minimum that I would buy, if I was to consider buying one, as most of them below that are just crap, giving not so good quality. I mean, think about it for a second, if you’re a regular coffee drinker, you’re most likely to use it everyday day.

Given that fact, please do yourself a favor and aim for something that will make your coffee more enjoyable. There is nothing such as starting the day with an EPIC coffee. I still think that the Nespresso Aeroccino is the wiser choice, but this one gives ok result too, especially for 24.97$ (14.98$ off).It’s a good tool to have some thick foam in under 10 seconds, and I must say that the stainless steel design is pretty slick, though. Obviously, with it’s shape and material, its an easy cleaning after  the rough work.



Anyways, I hope these few pointers will help you shopping the right milk frother for your needs. Again, there is nothing like an awesome coffee to kick off the day. That means that you need a killer milk froth and a great coffee!


Nespresso Aeroccino3 3594 White Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino3 3594 White Milk Frother

If great looks and ease of use is to be used for determining the best milk frother around, the Aeroccino 3 is one of the best contenders or the title. Its inner canister is made of stainless steel to preserve the milk’s freshness and better keep its desired temperature; while the outer body is designed in plastic. The wavy pattern isn’t simply for looks though (as I thought when I just received the frother), but it also gives you more grip while lifting it.


It is very easy to use, and there is nothing to press except a single button. Because it uses the same button for both hot and cold froth, choosing between the two is all about timing. I found that counting seconds doesn’t really cut it for me, so I just think of this whenever I use it: a quick click for hot froth, and a long press for the cold froth.


Because it’s easy to make either hot or cold froth, this machine is ideal for those who are always on the search for new beverages and are usually experimenting with whatever they find; although it also works very well if you intend to make the same drink over and over again. I tend to be a mix of the two: loyal to my cappuccino but occasionally make new drinks which I add foam to – and this milk frother works wonders for me.



Nespresso 3194-Us-Bk Aeroccino and Milk Frother, Black

Nespresso 3194-Us-Bk Aeroccino and Milk Frother, BlackThis is the upgraded version of the previous Aeroccino, and the new color choices (now available in black, white and red) aren’t the only novelties. Some of the new improvements include:

  • The more silent motor, which gets the job done in just about the same amount of time without making too much noise.
  • A more stable base to which the whisks are attached to for easy access.
  • An LED light on the base which facilitates the choice between hot and cold froth (as well as showing you whether when machine is switched on or not).


One of the biggest problems with the previous model was the timing of pressing the button for the frothing temperature (short press for hot, long for cold), but this newer machine now shows what it is doing. The LED light turns green once the machine is switched on and ready to use; the magic happens when you do either the short click or long press: if you do the short click, the LED becomes red, signifying that it’s working on a hot frothing, while it turns blue if you do a long press for the cold frothing process.


Overall, if you think these little improvements justify the higher price then I advise this machine just as much as the previous model because I haven’t had any problems with them so far (save for that time when I filled it with milk up to the wrong line, which made a mess when it overflew – but that was a distracted mistake on my part, and not the frother).



Soyabella Milk Maker – Soy Milk Almond Milk and More!

Soyabella Milk Maker - Soy Milk Almond Milk and More!

At some point in their life, everyone has looked into soymilk, and whether you’ve tried it before or decided to substitute it permanently over your fresh bovine milk – I’m pretty sure you’ve read your fair share of reviews and experiences about the many automatic soymilk makers available. I’ll be honest with you and admit I was skeptical about using these machines as the horror stories about cleaning them were haunting me.


I finally pulled myself together and opted for the Soyabella, and was very satisfied with it. Apart from featuring a powerful grinder and several screen meshes which allow you not only to make milk from soy beans, but also from almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, and more.


Now, making the milk to taste right takes several tries. It was never as simple as adding water to the beans and starting the machine, but it was a lot of fun trying out adding different ingredients to see how it would come out tasting. There are lots of recipes online though, if you want to go straight to the point.


After following some of the online guides I found about the cleaning process, I managed to solve the whole problem with 2 methods. The first one involves cleaning the machine as soon as it’s done with its job, not leaving enough time for the residue to stick to the mesh. The second method involves soaking everything inside the pitcher overnight: by morning I usually find it much easier to clean.



Keurig Cafe One-Touch Milk Frother

Keurig Cafe One-Touch Milk FrotherKeurig is well known for its automatic coffee brewers, but also offers their very own personal frother, for those who like adding some foam on their drinks (whether brewed from Keurig machines or not). It has a classic pitcher designed, and entirely made of stainless steel – with the outer body given a chromed finish for a more attractive look. The pitcher is wireless, and the solid base it sits on is plugged on the wall: meaning that once the milk has been heated up and frothed, the pitcher can be lifted and taken wherever you want.


Operating it couldn’t be any simpler: there’s a single button to press to get it started; and the machine simply shuts itself off when it’s done with its task. What you can do if you need personalized amounts of foam is to limit how much milk you place in the pitcher. If you fill it below the recommended line, there will be a lot more foam that if you filled it all the way. Just don’t put too little of it to avoid burning it.


The only problem I have with this froth machine is that some types of milk end up sticking to the bottom, and it gets pretty hard to clean up, especially at the sides which aren’t easy to reach. But if you use regular fresh milk then there are absolutely no problems as all you have to do is rinse it with water (or warm soapy water if you prefer), and that’s it.




Bodum Latte Milk Frother, Battery operated, 0.2 l, 6 oz, Glass/Off White, 10864-913G

Bodum Latte Milk Frother, Battery operated, 0.2 l, 6 oz, Glass Off White, 10864-913GOne of the absolute best when it comes to automatic portable milk frothers. I’ve had the chance to use it extensively outdoors in one of my camping trips and it made many of my morning so much better. After brewing my coffee using either my French press or my espresso moka, I simply switched the Bodum frother on and watched as it tossed the milk in all directions until it started getting foamy. When I poured it in the mug with the help of a spoon I already felt my whole body calm down as I knew my day started well.


While home, on the other hand, I don’t happen to use it all too often. While it is mainly due to the fact that it makes no sense at all spending money to buy batteries for it when I can simply use another which I plug in the wall, I consider this froth maker to be average compared to others I’ve tried; I don’t mean to say it’s bad, but just not as good as the others I have the possibility to use at home (which are also able to make really hot foam). Also, it’s quite compact, accommodating at 6 oz. at most, which means that while it’s great to use for single servings outdoors (or in the unlikely event the lights go out), it simply doesn’t cut it when the whole family wants to have a cappuccino or latte for breakfast.




Frabosk Milk Frother 32fl oz

Frabosk Milk Frother 32fl ozAnother option for when going on trips or when no electricity is available is to go manual. It seems a quite forgotten method to froth milk, but just until about 20 years ago, there was no other way. Operating a manual frother such as this one is quite simple: you fill the carafe about a third of the way with your milk of choice, and then place the lid; you then place it on the stove and heat the milk up, pumping on the lid as much as you need to to get your desired consistency.


Of course, going manual gives you several advantages, such as:

  • Being able to personalize the froth to your liking: most automatic machines just make a single consistency of foam, which may not match the drink you’re making.
  • Making your drink the traditional way, which means it’ll be more authentic and taste like it’s supposed to.
  • Not depending on electricity or batteries, meaning you can make foam anywhere a source of heat is available (gas stoves, electric stoves, induction cookers, wood, and charcoal).


Now, the reason I like this particular froth maker is that its whole body is made of stainless steel, including the pump and most of the lid. Its size is also perfect whether you’re alone or in group; and finally because it’s made in Italy, the land of espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes – meaning they know what they’re doing.




Froth Au Lait FNS-W Froth ‘N Sauce, White

Froth Au Lait FNS-W Froth 'N Sauce, WhiteThough it looks like this milk frother popped out straight from the 80’s it’s one of the most powerful machine’s I’ve had the pleasure of trying. So powerful that you can do so much more than froth milk with it: it can make you all types of creamy desserts, sauces, gravies, and anything else that needs a whipping.


What makes it stand out is the consistency of the froth it makes: it’s a solid foam which manages to remain thick yet soft – much better than anything I’ve drank from any reputable coffee shop or from my fellow coffee lover friends.


This froth making machine uses its own patented method for creating its fluffy foam: it doesn’t use any steam and relies on the helical whisk powered by its strong motor to get the job done. It also heats the milk up to the optimal temperature in the process. Once switched on, it takes about 3 minutes for the froth to be ready (and around 5 for the sauces and desserts).


On the negative side, I admit that it’s a little noisier than most machines and it doesn’t really look so good because of its greyish hue (just a personal opinion on this). But consider that these are only minor details and in no way affect the incredibly awesome froth it makes – and I would totally recommend this frother who wanted only the best of the best, and were willing to spend for a great product.




Froth Au Lait Frothing Unit, White or Black

Froth Au Lait Frothing Unit, White or BlackThe Froth-Au-Lait Frothing Unit can be considered the little brother of the more powerful Froth N Sauce I wrote about earlier. Smaller not because it creates a less desirable foam (it creates the same quality of foam because it uses the same patented mechanical process of creating it), but because its motor is smaller and focuses only on froth making – unlike its bigger brother who could make just about anything. If we talk about size and amount of milk it can hold compared to the complete version, this one is just slightly smaller.


To carry on talking about the important matters, the foam it creates is incredible – fluffy and thick. The amount of time it takes to create such a delight remains at three minutes. It makes no difference if you add anything to the milk before frothing, as the outcome will always be awesome. I’ve tried it out with several syrups and powders and they are nothing short of being considered desserts by themselves, so just imagine it being placed atop of a warm cup of coffee, standing tall and melting slowly…


Another great feature of this frother is its ability to maintain the froth in that fluffy stage for almost an hour. Mostly because the machine manages to create it at just the right temperature (160 degrees). Anything below and it wouldn’t be as foamy and anything above it would force the milk to release a protein which breaks down the foam and turns it into a thin film which covers the milk.




Krups Automatic Milk Frother XL2000

Krups Automatic Milk Frother XL2000Krups is another well-known brand when it comes to automatic coffee machines, and I was not surprised when I found out that their best model for frothing milk was fully automatic and customizable. It looks very professional and classy, with a shiny stainless finish – similar to its interiors.


What I like the most about this machine is that it features three programs of frothing, and allows me to create exactly the kind of froth I need. As you may know (or not), cappuccinos and lattes need different kinds of foam: a cappuccino requires a foamy, thick froth, while a latte needs its froth to be very soft and smooth. Because the machine has several sensors, it’s capable of creating either of the two by simply pressing the correct button: one for each; and a third one which is used only to warm your milk up, in case you feel like having a hot milk or hot chocolate before heading to bed.


Each process has its ideal amount of milk, which can be checked thanks to the graduated marks on the inside of the pitcher. It takes it around 3 minutes to prepare the froth for a latte while a cappuccino takes half that time.


All in all, I do know that it costs quite a lot compared to other automatic frothers, but you will end up appreciating the different foams it creates, especially if you like both of the drinks equally and usually switch from one to the other on a daily basis.




CAPPUA MF-026 Automatic Milk FROTHER Coffee & Nespresso, Cappuccino Latte

CAPPUA MF-026 Automatic Milk FROTHER Coffee & Nespresso, Cappuccino LatteAs you can probably imagine, I am just as doubtful when an Asian product comes out because of all the China-made imitations which ruin the game for honest companies. But after doing some researching on my own, I found out that this particular machine hails from Korea; so, knowing they make some decent stuff I decided to try it out, trying not to expect anything.


After unpacking the box, I made sure to have a current adaptor (220V – 110V) as stated on the product page and tried it out. There wasn’t the need to consult the manual as everything is pretty straightforward, and if ever you need to consult it, the pictures speak for themselves (it’s what I like to tell myself, seeing the manual is in Korean).


The result was pretty good. The froth came out just as I had hoped. What I particularly like about this machine is its shape: its pitcher is completely detachable from the base and perfectly round – which makes it very easy to clean up. When not in use, it’s very easy to take it apart and store, even in small cabinets; or if left on the counter, it feels like having a little oriental touch added in because of its not so standard shape.


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