Being a coffee maniac, i’m always looking for the best  possible way to enjoy a great coffee. I have the opportunity to test several machines and accessories since a few weeks and will probably keep doing so for several month. Coffee is my passion and within that website, I hope to transfer you as much as possible my knowledge.

On one hand, I plan to write about coffee machines and stuff, but on the other hand, I also plan to write about several topics that are coffee related, such as:

  • The best kind of coffee
  • What makes a coffee better,
  • Can you lose weight with coffee?
  • Are pregnant women allowed to drink coffee?
  • Latte and cappuccino recipe
  • And even more!

I even plan to someday, release a book with coffee recipes, as I think there are so many ways to prepare a great coffee, depending on the situation. I would not recommend to drink the same coffee if you are about to eat breakfast, compared to if you’re about to eat a desert. I truly think that those kind of details make a HUGE difference on the experience of drinking a coffee.

Anyways, I think thats enough information about me. I’m sure that you want to know more about coffee itself!